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Our bespoke website scanning service has been developed continually over the last few years and tested on thousands of sites. It has now reached such a high standard that it is used by some of the best sites out there. Plus it is 100% free! No strings attached! No Hidden Costs! No Lock In!

The simple fact is that online scanners never find 100% of hacks on a website. They often incorrectly state your site is clean even though your hosting company is shutting you down for being hacked and your site is stealing credit cards and sending thousands of spam emails! We will assign you one of our leading security experts to scan and check you site, if your site is hacked they will find the nasty infections!

 A security expert for each check

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These guys shoot real bullets! They are fast, proficient, and their customer service is... real... with helpful, caring, intelligent people there around the clock. When you have a hacked site and you are in a panic, your client is freaking out, and you are looking for help... you will find it here. So relax and connect with them. No further due diligence needed, This is the real deal!

Anyone that is thinking of using this service I can tell you our experience was fantastic. Customer support was available 24/7 and always answered my questions. They actually care about the customer and it shows.
I would highly recommend them and you will be blown away by their support!

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First submit your request to us to scan your site. Our team will verify you are the owner of this site and if so we are good to start.

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Check how and if your website is hacked for FREE 

We check your website

A dedicated expert will perform a full scan of your site to check for malicious content. We will keep you fully updated throughout the whole process.

We provide the results

If your site is hacked we will inform you of the issues and let you know how to quickly solve the problem.

We can check all types of website?

Our scanning team can check any type of website. We can check the files, the database and even check if the hacker is running some malicious spam email processes.


Do you have any questions? We’ve got answers.

It all boils to money in the end. Hackers have numerous ways they can make money from your website once they have control of it. Be it using your website to host illegal/objectionable, use it as a spam email server, use it to boost the SEO of pharmacy sites, spreading their nasty malware to your visitors etc. there is one common reason... Money! See the 7 most common reasons hackers hack websites

Why would hackers hack my website?

Can you also remove all the hacks from my website?

Yes we do offer a OneHourSiteFix Service where we remove all the malware, spamware, viruses and malicious scripts from a hacked website. In the words of Google we will "Restore the good content and remove the bad content". To use our FREE scanning service you do NOT have to purchase any of cleaning or protection plans. The free scan really is 100% free, no strings attached. 

Yes we can protect your site from hackers using our SharkGate™ technology. Think of this as your website gate keeper preventing hackers accessing your website. Imagine if your website was a nightclub, then SharkGate™ would be your friendly but firm doorman. He would welcome all those clubbers you want to let in and politely turn away those intent on causing mayhem – the sharks as we call them.


Can you also protect my website from hackers?

This service is 100% free! Of course we hope that you will be so impressed with our service and our security team that you will then want us to clean your website from all hacks and protect it from being hacked again. We do not push that though as there is no strings attached to using this free service. Have we mentioned it really is 100% free?

Is there any hidden costs? Is this really FREE?

Helping Make The Internet a Safer Place To Do Business

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Real security experts check your site

Other malware teams often rely on automated scanners that miss most of the hacks on a website that our experts find with ease. We use some of the best security experts in the business.


OneHourSiteFix is a malware removal service provided by SharkGate Limited
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Can you guarantee you will never miss a hack?

We can never say never but we know we are very good at this sort of thing. Our security team scan and fix hacked websites 24x7 every day of the year. All we know is that we have tried all the other services out there we can find and we are better than all of those by a large factor.
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